Billie - 22kt Gemstone Statement Earrings


'Billie'  Gold Plated 22kt Gemstone Stud Earrings is part of the new Laoxa Rare: One-of-a-kind Handmade collection

A quantity of ONE will be made from the Laoxa Rare collection. Once it's sold we won't be selling anymore. Please contact us to find out if the design is available in a different colour and/shape.


'Billie'- Gold-plated 22kt Gemstone Stud Earrings - medium sized 

Length: 79MM

Gemstone - Natural Quartz Druzy Earrings

Materials: Brass, Gold, Stone (shape of stone is uneven as it's cut in slices).
Plating: Gold Plated Over Bass
Colours: Orange and green



Please Note:

Size: As these are natural druzy earrings each precious stone is cut making each pair unique for the wearer. Stone shapes and sizes vary. 

Please allow up to 21 working days to be made and then dispatched. We aim to get this completed before.

If you have a specific request regarding the product, contact us via our contact form - thank you.


(Pronounced LA-OX-AH)


Our mission at LAOXA is to boost self-confidence and empower individuals through beauty, wellness, accessories, clothing, graphic & motion design.

At LAOXA, our vision is to create a transformative experience that goes beyond the surface, empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty, ignite their self-confidence and inspire positive change in their lives.

Our aim is to be one of the most forward moving in lifestyle specialising in statement earrings, beaded handbags, clothing, haircare, skincare and design.

Through beauty, LAOXA formulates and provide high quality haircare and skincare products, using some of the most ethically sourced organic, natural, and botanical ayurvedic ingredients – catering to a diverse array of hair textures and types. We celebrate everyone and believe the actions we make today have the power to change the world we live in.

Our passion lies within nurturing the health of your hair, skin, body and your mind. Words are powerful and we are inspired by positive affirmations - with this mindset we design apparel, jewellery/ accessories and thought provoking digital art and animations. We embrace the vision of creating your destiny and highlighting inclusive values whilst elevating and inspiring everyone.  

Our DNA is in everything we make, offering an invaluable experience of a liberating transformation in confidence through cosmetics, apparel and creativity. Our goal is to cancel harmful beauty stereotypes whilst every human being overcomes insecurity about their self-image. LAOXA encourages others with positive affirmations and self-love through our products including apparel and accessories.

LAOXA’s core purpose and focus is authenticity, creativity and inspiring others to feel the best and achieve their best.

At LAOXA, we seek to bring you more than just products, but a lifestyle, a memorable experience every day that brings inner peace and enriches happiness, caring for your mental health and encouraging self-love, breaking down the codes of beauty through cosmetics and creativity.





British Chef, television and radio broadcaster Andi Oliver for RadioTimes (Front Cover & Inside Spread) - August 2023 issue. 

LAOXA Ltd is a lifestyle brand specialising in cosmetics, apparel, accessories, graphic & motion design. Made with love all haircare & skincare products are formulated using ethically sourced organic and natural ingredients. Based in London, United Kingdom and founded by Lucy Ansa-Addo in September 2020.

LAOXA strive to create hair and skincare products that are packed full of organic and natural ingredients infused with botanical herbs inspired by ancient Ayurvedic practices that will keep your skin and hair healthy. With LAOXA each product’s ingredient is safe for hair and skin without the use of harsh chemicals.
We target and combat against dryness, injecting moisture and hydration within our products- helping to tame frizz, nourish, and restore.

Whether your goal is curl definition, heat and damage control, growth, volume, frizz control, moisture and hydration- we’ve got you!

We seek to bring you products that provide solutions to long term goals targeting hair and skin issues - using organic and natural ingredients including unrefined butters and essential oils, that will leave your hair and skin softer, nourished and healthier.

All cosmetic products are handmade in small batches, providing a quality of ethically sourced ingredients encouraging consumers to be self-care enthusiasts.

At LAOXA, we do not test on animals.

Our T-shirt are ethically sourced and eco-friendly made with 100% organic cotton - with all prints and graphics designed exclusively by LAOXA. 

We continue to search for ways to make our products and packaging eco-friendly.

Our beaded handbags are handcrafted and made to order - inspired by unique, fun and memorable designs. 


LAOXA FOUNDER & Director- LUCY ANSA-ADDO, British born to Ghanaian parents based in London, United Kingdom. Lucy has over 13 years of experience as a published Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Singer and Songwriter.

She is a University graduate from London College of Fashion (University of The Arts London) with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Sportswear.

Lucy has assisted Celebrity Fashion Stylists for Harry Potter’s Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Matt Lewis & Phelps Twins. She has also styled MBE Olympic medallist Louis Smith for The Graham Norton Show & ITV THE CUBE.

Lucy’s love for health and natural hair care was inspired after she transitioned from relaxer to natural and big chopped in 2016. She managed to grow her hair longer and stronger than ever before using handmade products.

With a brand-new set of healthy curls and coils she continued making her own hair creams and oils as part of her hair regimen. During the 4 years of consistently using the products, she received several positive comments from friends, family and strangers complimenting her hair length.

Lucy shares hair care tips and creates DIY hair recipes on her YouTube channel ‘Light Created Lucy’ and various other content including her music- as a singer songwriter Lucy (formerly known as Ohema X) performs under the artist name of LAOXA. She has performed alongside her then label mate Big Narstie at Glastonbury and Wireless Festivals in 2017.

Lucy's love for designing accessories, clothing, graphic design and 3D motion design was nurtured during her time in University, as a Fashion Stylist and also during lockdown 2020. She continues to perfect her crafts.

At LAOXA, we seek to bring you more than just products, but a lifestyle, a memorable experience every day that brings inner peace and enriches happiness, caring for your mental health and encouraging self-love, breaking down the codes of beauty through cosmetics, music and creativity. 

“Endless possibilities – you are the inspiration!”-

Lucy Ansa-Addo (Founder, CEO & Formulator of LAOXA Ltd).



Our purpose is to connect the world and unify people and create a happy and healthy planet. 





We use organic, natural and sustainably produced goodness at LAOXA for our haircare and skincare products. Made with love, we strive to be sulfate free, paraben free and more- wherever possible. Tested on our family and founder. We never test on animals.

We also include organic materials within our clothing ranges. 



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